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The Foundation of Aerobotics7 began with the project, EAGLE A7. A Revolutionary approach to solving one of the biggest problems in the world using emerging technologies! On the other hand, WWL – World Without Landmines was founded to take massive actions on a global scale.


Drone & AI to detect & destroy landmines


Climate-Action by Regenerating on Landmine removed Area


EAGLE A7 Drone + AI based Tech to identify Landmines & such Explosives

EAGLE A7’s First prototype was developed in 2015 by a then 12-Years-old Innovator Harshwardhan Zala, with it’s MVP launched in 2022. EA7 can accurately identify metallic and non-metallic (plastic) landmines & other explosives buried under the earth, autonomously, without any human risk.

The EAGLE A7 Journey

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our Mission

WWL - World Without Landmines

A7’s Vision is to see a world without landmines and following that, We have Launched a Worldwide campaign, In Partnership with PeaceJam Foundation. WWL is a Mission-driven Approach to Raise Awareness, Educate, Remove Landmines and Reimagine a Better, more sustained World!


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About Us

the foundation


TEA7 is founded by a Passionate Team led by Harshwardhan Zala, 19, Founder, CEO & CTO of Aerobotics7 and Member, Y4D, United Nations ODA. He Founded Aerobotics7 when he was just 14. Being an Inventor, Tinkerer, Speaker, Mentor, and Entrepreneur himself. His Team comprises some of the Out-of-the-box thinkers and Engineers / Change Makers.

We founded TEA7, with a dream to provide Practical Education on Emerging-Tech to Empower Today’s Generation of Children & Youth by giving Hands-on Learning with Real-Life Example based Knowledge & Skills which help them find a better career and succeed in the Future.

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