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Solving your problems is our Job, Our Expertise Fall in from developing an IoT based Products to providing cutting-edge Inventions to the Military, You ask us!

Smart Drones
Artificial Intelligence & ML
Robotics & Automations
Internet of Things
Radio Waves & Satellite Communications
Programming / IT Infrastructure

1-on-1 Training with the Founder & CEO, Harshwardhansinh Zala


18 Years old Chief Executive Officer with a Game-changing history of working in the Defense & Aerospace Industry, globally. Skilled in Research and Development (R&D), Programming, Military Aviation, Cutting-Edge Inventions, Artificial Intelligence, ML etc. Strong Technology professional as well as Industry-Leading Trainer

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What you will get?

We believe in Transformation as a Student to a Industry Professional with having the Passion is crucial in Today's Environment. And We are for that only, Our Brilliantly Curated Formula of the Training and Problem Solving Techniques is What You need!

• Technology & R&D / Hands-on and Real-time Collaboration

• Practical Learning & Internship Opportunity

• The World-Class Community & Experience

• Industry-Standard Certification of Training by A7™

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