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Why NoFear?

As the Situation around the globe are getting worse, People are in Fear of the COVID-19. By Helping them with a Tool which can quickly provide Symptoms Tests, Then There is NoFear!

Neural Network

We used Neural Network based Automated Bot-Platform which Analysis the Data Inputs and gives the Results Quickly and Accurately

Intuitive Design

Design is the key to the Motivation for multiple Tests to be taken and very ease of Access to the People of India in a Multilingual Format

Mobile Based

Nowadays, Most People uses Smartphones and it's very handy tool which doesn't require any additional technical skills to Get Started

About Us

We are Aerobotics7™

Delivering the so called Impossible Solutions for the Better and Safer World!

"We are the ones who started at the Age of 9, For the ones who risks their lives"

About Us
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What we do?

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